The South African United Business Council as a business federation was established in 2018, immediately after the new President of the Republic of South Africa was elected, with the aim to support the (Thuma Mina principle) and with the intention of reconstruction and recovery of the South African economy.

SAUBC’s Co-Founder & first President is Mr George Sebulela, the former Chairman & Secretary General of the Black Business Council(BBC), President of African Entrepreneurs Council (AEC), President of Oil & Gas Business Council (AOGBC).


Mr Rasethaba, also Co-Founder, former Chairman of the Black Business Council, Chairman of African Entrepreneurs Council (AEC) & a former political activist will use his experience gained through work on the streamlining of production sites to streamline government administrative reform. It is therefore important that SAUBC’s contributions to administrative and financial reforms be recognized by the South African people.


The South African United Business Council (SAUBC) has now geared itself to contribute to the development of the South African and global economies through maintaining and stimulating a liberal economic model and taking on internal and external challenges that the business community faced, such as trade liberalization, promotion of free competition, measures for addressing energy and environmental issues, promotion of private sector economic diplomacy, wage negotiations, and establishment of stable labour-management relations.

Mr Sebulela, in his leadership activities in various business platforms has always emphasized that the business community must take the high road of liberalization, and helped achieve capital liberalization.


Amid the trend toward a declining job employment, particularly the youth as well as diversification in the mentality and values of the South African people, the reform of the social security system, employment and labour issues, and educational reforms are becoming policy issues with increased significance for corporate management. The South African United Business Council (SAUBC) has to play a meaningful role in NEDLAC & Cabinet Lekgotla to ensure capacity and implementation of progressive Economic reforms.


Since there are many South African companies that engages in business activities on a global scale, The South African United Business Council (SAUBC)’s activities will also expand from within South Africa to the world stage – Globalisation.